Mission - Friends for African Development

Mission Statement


Friends for African Development (FAD) is a Christian non-profit organization operating in Africa to help and empower the poor and oppressed. We are working with our brothers and sisters in Africa to serve the poor and to communicate God’s love through our words and our resources. Our mission is to follow Christ by focusing on the basic necessities—health, economy, education, community, and spiritual needs—of the poor in Africa.

Toward these ends we have resolved the following:

* That FAD be dedicated to communicating Christ in all we do (there should be no doubt that we are Christians working for and representing the Lord Jesus Christ),
* That the board has a clear vision of who we are and what we are about; identifiable goals for our organization to achieve.

Who is FAD?

FAD is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization administered by men and women who believe in the mission of Jesus Christ to address the physical and spiritual problems of this world. At present FAD is an all volunteer organization made up of seven board members and several other volunteers who have a love and concern for the people in Africa.

Meet the Board

Fad is presently made up of seven board members. Each board member has demonstrated their commitment to service in Africa by ministering to the poor on at least one trip to Tanzania, and has donated their time, addressing the spiritual and physical needs in Africa.

William Brown

Justin Caplan

Benson P. Fraser

Bob Thornton

Jim Ward

Lee Woodard

Where does FAD work?

Right now, FAD is partnering with LOOCIP[link], devoting time and resources to the Maasai in Tanzania. Working alongside local Christians in the Longido District, we are helping to provide the necessary resources for their spiritual and physical development.

Why get involved?

If you are reading this, you may be interested in helping. You can make a difference. People’s lives can be changed and life-giving water, both spiritual and natural, can be offered to the people in this community.


The Maasai who live near the border of Tanzania and Kenya [link to google maps] close to a town called Longido are experiencing a drought and need our help. God has placed this opportunity before us, and we want to respond in a way that glorifies Him and gives support to those in need.

This year our goal is to drill two wells in the Longido area. The total cost for this project will be $60,000.00 and we believe we can raise this money in time to help alleviate the drought. To date $19,000 has been raised toward drilling the first well so we need to raise $6,000.00 more in the next few weeks. Another $5,000 will be needed to put in a pump and to have an electric pump put in and to secure a water storage tank.

As you know water in that part of the world is precious­—especially at this time of year when the rains end. Unfortunately, this year the rainy season was almost nonexistent and this situation has left many cattle and people seriously at risk. This affects both the health of the people and the economy in and around Longido. Unless these wells are drilled, this community will continue to experience the devastating effects of drought every few years!

Everyone who wants to share in this vision and be a part of this project is encouraged to contact us and to give.  No gift is too small or too large. We present the opportunity God has laid before us, and we will rejoice as we see him work both here within our community and in all of Africa.

What is needed: FAD board members have identified these operational goals for this year:

1. Raise $60,000 to drill two wells
2. Raise $20,000 for a medical facility in LOOCIP
3. Raise $20,000 toward educational grants for students
4. Organize expeditions (travel) to Tanzania to do ministry (sharing Christ, building relationships, and serving the community with our resources and our faith).
5. Establish Teams of people committed to weekly prayer for the Maasai

In the foreseeable future we will continue to be involved in:

1. Educational projects (in the form of donations for students, the purchase of materials for schools and other such educational endeavors).
2. Providing medical and health support (through education and the acquiring of supplies for the local communities.
3. Small donations for economic development
4. Financial, material, and educational contributions community and leadership training and development.